We have been repairing and supplying radiators since the early 1990s.

We can manufacture special radiators to your specifications or drawings. All work is fully guaranteed. We can obtain hard to find items, and get them to your door in double quick time. We offer a full diagnosis and fitting service for all cars.

Information we will need from you.

To determine what radiator you require, we will need to know a few details.

Make, model,year, engine size of vehicle plus whether it is manual transmission and fitted with air conditioning. (Sometimes we may need an engine or chassis number).

Please note that it will sometimes be difficult to accurately measure your radiator whilst it is still in the vehicle. Just occasionally the manufacturer decides to be helpful and displays their part number, if you see it let us know, it may help us to supply the correct item to you.

Need some more assistance?

Please visit us or give us a call on 01233 610014 and we will talk you through it.