Why use PowerBase for your next service?

We always service in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, we use dedicated service schedules for that vehicle, and use the correct parts. By doing this we can guarantee that the work is to the same standard as the franchised dealer, but considerably less expensive.

What is a service and why is it important?

Nearly every garage in the country will tell you they can service your car. But what is a service? What should be carried out on your car and when?.

The manufacturers of each vehicle have tested their vehicles to destruction. They know what items should be checked, serviced or replaced, and when to do it. They also know what is the correct specification oil, coolant, brake fluid, gear oil. Each manufacturer sets out a list of procedures to be carried out on each service, but these items are not necessarily the same for each service.

Every manufacturer publishes detailed service schedules, together with oil and fluid specifications, if you want your vehicle to remain reliable then it is essential that you take notice of what they say. We use technical data supplied by a company called Autodata who work with the manufacturers to ensure that the data used is totally up to date.

So when someone books a service for a vehicle that we have never seen before we will take our time to make sure that we learn about that vehicles service history. This is to ensure that it receives the one that is appropriate.